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Is there a signup fee?
Creating an account with afromob is totally free of charge; Sign Up today if you have not already done so.
Content Creators have the ability to upgrade their account – Pro for a fee.
How do i Sign Up?

creating an afromob account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner
  3. Fill the form by providing this information (Username, Email, Password and Gender)  
  4. Tick the checkbox to accept our terms of use
  5. Click on Sign Up
Don’t remember password
  1. Click on forgot password in the Log In page
  2. enter your email on the password request form
  3. click on Recover password
  4. you will receive an email with a reset link
  5. hit on Click here to reset your password
  6. enter your new password and confirm your password
  7. click on Reset and you are done
Password reset doesn't work

If the reset password link fails, reach us via our live chat or call the numbers below.

Login details not working?

You are sure of your login details but can’t access your account?
Contact our live support team or call the numbers below

How do i change my password?
  1. Log In to your afromob account
  2. click on setting icon from the drop down menu on the top right coner 
  3. click on password fromm the bottom-right corner of the right sidebar
  4. enter current and new passwords in the respective fields provided, and click on the Save button to complete the process
Email/Username already in use/existing?

All afromob users have unique/distinct email addresses and usernames. if you get any error messages when trying to create an account, then it means;

  1. You have already registered [if you want to recover your account, fill in the password reset form with your email.You will receive an email with a password reset link].
  2. the username might have been already taken by another user [simply change your username and  click on Sign Up to create your account]
How do i subscribe to a channel?

you may subscribe to you favourite Channel by clicking the subscribe button and paying the subscription amount using PayPal, Credit Card or Mobile Money.

Check how detailed tutorial of how to subscribe here.

Content Creators

A Content creator is someone who creates and provides content for their fans through Afromob. To become a  contetn creator, you must create an account with afromob and upload your content to the account which your fans can subscribe to, subscription fees are set by you. To receive payouts you have to create an account with one of our payment partners: PayPal, Paystack, Mobile Money. We may also require your bank account information to process payouts.

Terms of use

Privacy Policy

News & Media Releases

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afromob on Android

afromob on Android

At afromob, we enable filmmakers, musicians, podcasters, bloggers, influencers and content creators of all kinds to generate revenues from visual content. Subscribe to your favourite content provider’s channel and get the exclusive content experience. 

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